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Busy Week Meal Plan

on August 23, 2014


We have a busy week ahead and I was looking for easy meals cause I know I’ll want to spend more time lovin’ on my boys than cooking at the end of the day!

So as I often do, I checked out my own blog for ideas while making the grocery list. (I started this thing as a creative outlet of sorts and it’s really become a useful tool for me!  I love when other people find something they like, but the truth is, I’d do this even if no one looked at it.  But since I know my mom will look at it – because she always does – here is what you should expect for lunches when you’re here with Danny this week, GranMart! Xoxo!)

By the way, this makes me laugh every time…


Next time your family comes at ‘cha with that, check out the What’s Cookin’ Page.  I do… or I bring it up on my phone and hand it over to the hubs… “Pick a few.”

Anyway, back to the busy week meal plan…

Before dinner on Sunday, I’m going to make some shredded chicken in the crock pot to be used in a couple of the week’s meals.  Check out how on the Tips & Tricks Page.

I also plan on making Miami Muffins cause I happen to have all the ingredients and they’re tasty! Lastly, I’m going to try a new granola recipe (if it works, I’ll post it in the future, if not, I’ll return to the ol’ standby found here).

So quick breakfasts will be muffins and/or granola atop Greek yogurt. Lunches will be leftovers from the previous dinner, and dinner is as follows…

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes were made ahead.  Green beans were prepped and gravy was quick!

Sunday Dinner with the Grandparents

Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes – these recipes are for make-ahead, which I’m not doing this time, but you could if you wanted to!

Good enough to eat on its own!


Caesar Chicken Sammies (using the chicken made on Sunday) with steamed broccoli

Possibly my favorite sandwich - a Georgia Reuben!


Georgia Reubens with Balsamic Roasted Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella (one of the sides I make with Balsamic Lovers Summer Dinner)



BBQ Chicken Pizzas (again, using the chicken made on Sunday) with salad

Thursday - Leftovers (maybe Georgia Reubens minus turkey?)

Thursday – Leftovers

Left overs and/or something out of the freezer (I always plan this for Thursdays because we almost always have leftovers!  Once I started reserving a day to eat leftovers for dinner, we started wasting a lot less food!)  The picture is a leftover from the last time I made Georgia Reubens – the same sammie minus the turkey… equally delicious.


Take Out!  Probably Pizza Hut – with pepperoni, banana peppers, and onions.

There you have it… the plan for this busy week (to be referenced by myself the next time a busy week is on the horizon.) 🙂


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  1. […] mentioned making this granola for the first time in a Busy Week Meal Plan post almost 10 months ago.  Since then I’ve made a version of it nearly every week.  Nutty […]

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