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Lucky Me… Leftovers!

Would you believe THIS is a leftover?

Would you believe THIS is a leftover?

No seriously, lucky  me!

Growing up leftovers should’ve been called “dad-overs” because Dad seemed to be the only one to eat them in our house.  My mom also actually said once that he liked the yellow part of iceberg lettuce.  To which he responded something about not necessarily liking it, but eating it because it’s there.  So let it be established that my dad eats pretty much anything… and appears to like it!

Anyway, back to the leftovers… It wasn’t until grad school that I started to really appreciate how yummy leftovers could be.  My roommate, Robin, used to reheat hers using a tiny toaster oven we had on our counter… usually before 10am.  That’s right.  Not only was she eating leftovers (Ew!), but she was eating food that was meant for dinner before lunchtime.  It wasn’t very long though that I realized she was onto something.

These days I happily eat last night’s dinner for lunch the next day.  Sometimes at work it will be getting close to lunchtime and I’ll remember what is in my lunch bag and actually get excited about it!  The posts categorized as Lucky Leftovers will be tributes to what I’ve grown to not only tolerate but actually enjoy.  Please find these posts by clicking on the “Lucky Leftovers” category tag to the right.  If you’re not a leftover fan already, I hope you grow into one like I did!

Still not convinced? Click on the “Recipes” category tag for recipes by posting date OR click on the “What’s Cookin’?” page for a list of recipes and let someone else eat the rest!


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